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Our Products

Here you can download the products of our association. There are different types of materials ready to download by anybody interested on education and the skills needed in the XXI century. We hope to contribute to the educational world with our Project funded by the European Unión.
Safe internet research poster

This is the result of the first cooperation with pupils in Dublín. They made a poster with the needed advice for children who use new technologies. We also showed them this video where they could see an experiment of an adult and a kid on social networks, and how easy it is to lie and kidnap a child.

EAR model

In Varsdorf we learnt a lot about an innovative model for teaching called EAR.

Download the guides to learn more about the EAR modell and put it on practice with your students! 

Project's methodology

The spanish students show the steps to follow to do a project of any topic...

Mind lab

Here you can watch our innovative method called "Mind lab". It was developed and shared with our Erasmus+ partners on their visit to our school "Badia Polesine"

Drama lessons for teaching

Here you can download a power point presentation, and also watch the video produced in our mobility to Latvia...Drama lessons for teaching young kids are amazing

Druten - Holland

The last mobility took place in Holland, in a beautiful city called Druten. We learnt about their methodology through The IPC curriculum

What does the IPC curriculum look like in the classroom? What can the teacher expect? And the most important question: how do children learn with IPC? it with our materials! Click on the video and download the documents.

Final products

This is our methodology book  in latvian language you can download it by clicking here:

This is our methodology book  in English language you can download it by clicking here:

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