In our school we work through a new methodology called "projects", and we have a team of teachers who are experts in this subject. We have done many things and opened many paths. The Public School education comunity of the “Es Puig School”, already has a formation that did not have in the past, and the most important things are the experience and a background, that allows us to move forward and improve in everything that was done, now with our European partners. The generic objectives of the plan could be summarized as: Promote the effort culture. To be aware of the need to study and raise the feeling of  making efforts to be able to have a job in the future. Implement a package of measures to share and enrich our own culture, with all the power that this word has got. To consider people as capable to positively modify their behaviour to become more tolerant, hard working and open minded, and their capabilities to carry out actions that, taken together, can move us towards a more balanced, tolerant and sustainable world.

Our school in Lloseta