Our school in Vanrsdorf

The primary school Varnsdorf, 2821 Edisonova Street, is rather new school with 25 years long history. The “Edisonova” School is a state school located in Varnsdorf, in the Šluknov hook, in the North of the Czech Republic. The school is attended by 444 pupils between the ages of 6 – 15. There are 28 teachers (including 1 headmaster + 1 deputy of head), 3 tutors, 1 teachers assistant for children with special. We are primary school that consists of nine grades which are divided to two substances – the first stage (1st – 5th class) and the second stage (6th – 9th class). There are altogether 18 classrooms. We have interactive boards in almost every classroom and the internet connection in all classes.


The “Edisonova School” is specific with its internal spaces and a large garden, where is a playground for soccer and volleyball, the amphitheatre, 2 arboretums and free area for playing and it is also focused on sport, ecological and creative activities. Varnsdorf is border town with 16,000 inhabitants. This town is in the area of the “Euro-region Nisa” (it means the town is on borders with Germany and it is almost 40 km to Polish borders).